Personal Training Earls Court

FITNESS EXPRESS 25’s personal trainers know how to boost your health, support well-being and help create the body that you really want. Using a combination of circuit training, TRX, Pilates and electric muscle stimulation (EMS), we create effective and realistic fitness solutions that can deliver exceptional results. Group Training sessions are also available at Holland Park, Kensington from mid-January.


Pilates promises perfection if you can dedicate some time each week. Designed to engage, tone and strengthen the entire body, Fitness Express 25 work at your speed and create a Pilates programme that can move you comfortably from beginner level to advanced in just months. Pilates works particularly well for clients restricted movement due to muscle weaknesses or reduced flexibility.

Pre & Post Natal Pilates

Pre & Post-Natal Pilates is a wonderful way to relax, unwind and support the body through amazing physical changes and adjustments. We carefully craft our programmes and consider the many physiological changes associated with pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies. Post-pregnancy Pilates results can be exceptional if weekly one-to-one sessions can be attended and a little light exercise can be taken a few times a week.


If you want to burn fat, build lean muscle or lose weight, TRX is a brilliant solution then TRX is for you. Created by the elite US Navy SEALs, suspension training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a portable training tool that uses gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises. Sessions can happen at the FE25 studio, in the park or at your home.

Body Transformation

In just 12-weeks and you can completely change the way you look, feel and think about your body. Fitness Express 25 offer you nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching and are with you every step of the way. Our goal? Enjoyable transformation, great fitness sessions, realistic nutrition plans, boosting energy levels and raising self-esteem. Our clients enjoy the transformation process and love the physical and mental results.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Would you like to try a workout that involves, stimulates and trains 80% of your body’s muscles in less than half an hour? Fitness Express 25 is one of the leading EMS (electric muscle stimulation) personal training studios in Central London. 20 strategically positioned electrodes target the special areas of your body you want to change. Contraction frequencies are controlled by your skilled trainer. 25 minutes of EMS training is the equivalent of 1.5 hours in the gym.

Weight Training

A special weight training programme, combined with a personalised and workable nutrition plan, can deliver exceptional physical results in just a matter of weeks. Weight training is a superb way to build strength, boost bone density and tone every area of your body. As well as the wide-ranging strengthening benefits, you can also improve your flexibility, metabolic rate and posture. Weight training can benefit everyone, but to optimise results you must work with your personal trainer to establish a programme that fits your specific body type.

Men’s Health & Fitness

Guys! Are you improving with age? Have you noticed that fat is beginning to settle around the tummy area? If your arms are not as defined as they once were or thighs have lost their shape and strength, Fitness Express 25 know how to turn back the clock and help you regain the physique you once had, no matter what your age. With a little dedication, it does not take long to firm up those less than toned areas. Take a positive step and contact us today to arrange your personal assessment.


A superb way to intensify your workouts, boxing maximises your calorie burn and brings you to an incredible level of fitness. Upper body, pad work and floor drills will greatly improve your cardio fitness and because of the intensity of the workouts, you continue to burn fat long after your boxing session has ended. Boxing also offers men and women of all ages a great way to improve focus, reflexes and release stress and tension. Boxing training at Fitness Express 25 is specifically designed to put you on the fast track to transformation and wow-factor physical results.