Training FAQs

I have never trained before. Am I better joining  a class rather than
working with a trainer one to one?

Classes can be very enjoyable and fun, however class members are typically at different fitness levels. A class scenario is far from ideal and does not support progression and optimal body change in the same way that personal training does.

We believe there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to body and fitness planning. When you work on a one-to-one basis with your trainer you receive a tailor made exercise regime that suits your specific needs and goals. Fitness Express 25 do not offer generic programmes. Every fitness plan is carefully considered and will help you achieve superb results in less time that you ever thought possible.


I have just had a baby will my tummy ever be the same again?

If Heidi Klum can do it (see below) after having not one but four children then so can you! Many of our post-pregnancy clients have bounced back to their pre-pregnancy shape with careful diet and exercise. You can definitely expect your stomach muscles to be initially weak, but with personal training , Pilates (focusing on pelvic tilts and transverse abdominals) and cross training, great things are possible. Be strong and be firm again in just weeks.

Heidi Klum


I had back problems and I I’m afraid to work out. Can I still exercise?

Many of our clients suffer from back issues. Beginning to exercise with an injury or weakness has to be handled with great care and must be done with the express approval of your GP or specialist consultant. Once you have the all clear, and we have a full understanding of your condition, our skilled personal trainers can create a fitness programme that, over time, will strengthen the affected areas and support overall physical improvement.


Can I get an electric shock during a EMS (electric muscle stimulation) workout?

No, there is no way you get an electric shock during workout as the equipment operates at low voltage using an external power source or battery. The intensity of the generated impulses are max. 0.05 Watt RMS.


When will I see visible results?

A “striking” change can only be achieved through a complex process of fitness and nutrition. A healthy diet combined with two to three workout sessions per week will produce visible changes after 10 sessions. You also have to understand everybody is different; the change depends on also how fast your metabolism is, your hormone levels and also on your age. Fitness express 25 can find that balance and help support a new and healthier you.