What Is EMS Training?

About EMS Technology


EMS technology first appeared as an early experiment by Luigi Galvani in 1791. He was a pioneer in bio-electricity and since his research, this technology has continually been developed.  This technology was used by NASA as well to train their astronauts in space. Later EMS technology appeared in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Today, using the positive effects of EMS on muscles in physiotherapy lead the technology to enter a new dimension in physical training for athletes. EMS enhanced physical training appeared and it continually proves to be a great extension of conventional training methods. Due to its effectiveness, 25 minutes of training with EMS can be as effective as a conventional 90 minutes workout.

What EMS Training Can Be Used For?

  • Endurance

    EMS is targeting muscles that are difficult to develop. When a muscle contract EMS triggers and uses electric impulses to activate deeper muscle tissues as well. Using this technology together with conventional methods you can achieve better endurance in a shorter time than using only conventional methods.

  • Body Building

    Utilising EMS deep muscle tissue stimulation this technology can be a great extension of a bodybuilding training regime.  Maximising the throughput of the muscles at each contraction, bodybuilders can focus trainings on specific muscle groups. As EMS makes workout time much shorter, there is more recovery time available meaning more opportunities to develop muscles on the long run.

  • Body Shaping

    Many people dream about getting into shape for summer but struggles to fit in workout into their busy schedule. EMS answers this issue with its shorter workout time needed to get in shape.

    Our EMS training programme focuses on enhanced training methods to improve your workout efficiency to its best. With only 25 minutes workout each time you can achieve visible changes on your body just like you were working out in the GYM for hours.

  • Fat Burning

    It almost comes without saying that more effective training methods equal to better fat burning efficiency. In case, your target is to burn fat and get leaner, EMS can be tuned to enhance your fat burning thoughout the entire workout and after.

Where is it available?

You can take advantage of this amazing technology in our Earls Court based studio. Our specialised personal trainers are here to help you and fine tune the specs to maximise the 25 minutes training effect!

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